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We Work Hard to Provide You Peace of Mind for Your Hajj and Umrah Rituals

Hajj Solutions is run by a small group of dedicated Muslims who strive to make Hajj and Umrah easy for everyone. People who are a part of Hajj Solutions have experience in providing Hajj and Umrah services for decades.

Due to the lack of reliable services tailored for the 21st century for Hajj and Umrah, this online portal was started. A lot of similar services provided by others keep people aloof the what actually is happening and do not take ’tarteeb‘ into account. Others even continue the slaughtering past the dedicated days of Tashriq. With Hajj Solutions, we strive to provide a means for the people so they can track their orders, get SMS notifications, and contact live people for their concerns while implementing the strict rules and regulations of the Sharia as prescribed by the Quran and Sunnah.

Hajj Solutions provides Udhiya and Qurbani services and has its dedicated location next to the slaughterhouse to provide convenient and easy all-year round service. The meat, if not picked-up, is distributed to the needy in Makkah and needy African countries via The Saudi Project for Utilization of Hajj Meat.

Mufti Nayeem is a pious and dedicated scholar who is part of Hajj Solutions and supervises the slaughtering during Hajj time.

Who runs Hajj Solutions?

Hajj Solutions is run by a small group of dedicated Muslims who strive to make Hajj and Umrah easy for everyone. Some of the people who are a vital part of Hajj Solutions have experience in providing Hajj and Umrah services for over a decade.

What does Hajj Solutions do?

Hajj Solutions provides services for Qurbani, Udhiya, Damm, Fidya, and Sadaqah to be done in Makkah. Specifically, Hajj Solutions buys goats, cattle/cows, and camels and slaughters them according to the Sharia, based on Quran and Sunnah on behalf of its customers.

Why does Hajj Solutions provide these services?

Hajj Solutions provides these services to make it easy for Pilgrims and Muslim Ummah to fulfill their religious duties while providing them better prices and better services. Hajj Solutions follows the Sharia based on Quran and Sunnah in order to ensure that the vital rituals of Hajj are done properly with convenience and transparency.

When did Hajj Solutions start providing these services?

Hajj Solutions started providing these services since 2008. However, member of the Hajj Solutions team had been providing these services individually for over a decade.

Where is Hajj Solutions based in?

Hajj Solutions based in Makkah and Hajj Solutions based in Makkah and Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Is Hajj Solutions non-profit?

Hajj Solutions is a for profit group. We try to minimize the costs and our profit in order to maximize the saving and convenience for our fellow Pilgrims and Muslims.

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